A better experience for Bedrock players

API: https://github.com/Majorum-eu/TabulaUI-API


It enhances the Bedrock game with comprehensive and user-friendly menus, customized features, and a smooth environment. TabulaUI is available on spigot and Bungeecord.


  1. Adapted to players: Allow bedrock players to play on a suitable server

  2. Make server accessible: Improve accessibility by remaining compatible with your server's plugins

  3. Onboard more players: Best integrate players with your community to grow your server


  1. Provided API: Use a separate helpful and easy API for developers

  2. Conditions: Component requirements with all the possibilities of customization

  3. Arguments: Integrate arguments in commands and use them to form attributes

  4. Optimized: Plugin works with the latest versions (1.17.X-1.20.X) without lags

  5. Easy quick: Complete and smooth config setup makes for advanced forms

  6. Integration: Use PlaceholderAPI, VaultAPI, and other integrations in forms




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