Configuration of TabulaUI plugin


#Version of the configuration, element that should not be modified
version: INTEGER

#Enable debug mode
debug: BOOLEAN

  #Message when the player does not have permission to use the tabula command
  command: STRING

#Help message for the /tabula command
help: STRING

  #Message for the /tabula open command
  command: STRING

  #Message for the /tabula update command
  command: STRING

  #Message for the /tabula reload command
  command: STRING


  • Sound list

  • How to use HEX colors? Simply use the following pattern: &#b428a8, the symbol & followed by a # and the hexadecimal code of the desired color. Thus, the text following this pattern will be colored.

  • How to create color gradients? To achieve this, you need to use two tags (inspired by HEX colors): <&#58D68D> and </#DAF7A6>. The first tag should be placed before the targeted text, and the second tag after the targeted text. This way, the desired text is tagged and will be colored gradually from the color of the first tag to the color of the second tag.

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